My Keyboard for a Cutting Board ~
Adventures in a French Kitchen v1.0

Bonjour mes amis! Bonjour de Paris!

2-1/2 years ago I waved au revoir to Silicon Valley and headed east to New York City to attend cooking school.

I was trading my keyboard for a cutting board and not looking back. The goal was to then move to Tuscany, renovate a farmhouse ¨¤ la Frances Mayes and open a cooking school.

Well here I am 2-1/2 years later, living not in an Italian farmhouse but in a Parisian apartment and I have turned part of that adventure into a book aptly named....

My Keyboard for a Cutting Board ~ Adventures in a French Kitchen v1.0
I have wanted to share my culinary journey, my life transition from a cube in Silicon Valley to cooking school in New York to the kitchens of France, now I finally can! My Keyboard for a Cutting Board ~ Adventures in a French Kitchen v1.0 is the first "version" of what I hope is many exciting adventures to come.

It begins as I wash ashore on the Cote d'Azur to cook at the Cannes Film Festival and includes vibrant color pictures, like those gorgeous strawberries on the cover, and easy recipes to whet your appetite.

If it weren't for American expat and author Kristin Espinasse and her inspiration, encouragement and guidance, I never would have done this. Thank you for the kick in the derri¨¨re and for placing the first pre-order! And speaking of pre-orders.... ;-)

This book is available now for *pre-order* here -- just click the secured, encrypted [Buy Now] PayPal link at the top right or just below. Your book should arrive in February and the cost includes tax and shipping.
If the PayPal purchase system starts behaving like the French mass transit system (ie: not working for no apparent reason), please try deleting your cookies (click Tools, Internet Options, Delete Cookies...). If it is still en greve (on strike), please don't hesitate to send me an email and we can make other arrangements.

A huge MERCI to everyone, friends from home and abroad, people I¡¯ve met here in France who¡¯ve embraced, encouraged, helped and cheered me on every step of the way. Gros bisous et merci de ma petite fen¨ºtre ¨¤ Paris! xo Laura

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