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Cucina Testa Rossa provides the highest quality culinary consulting services, private chefing, one-on-one and group cooking classes, food trend analysis, nutritional analysis, menu planning, culinary parties, event consulting, and more. We'd be happy to work with you on your culinary needs. Cucina Testa Rossa is now located on both coasts, San Francisco and New York, for your convenience.

Cooking Classes: Cucina Testa Rossa offers private cooking lessons tailored to your specific needs in the comfort of your own kitchen. We also offer group classes for all ages, such as Fresh Pasta and Artisanal Bread. Please visit our Cooking Classes page for more details and great pictures.

Private Chefing: Are you having an intimate, elegant dinner party and don't want to spend the evening in the kitchen, but rather with your guests? Cucina Testa Rossa can help you plan your menu, shop for the most unique ingredients, and prepare a fabulous meal that will wow the most discriminating of tastes

Food Trend Analysis: What is the latest food trend in Europe? Asia? South America? What are the newest foods on the market and where to find them? Cucina Testa Rossa will keep you on the cutting edge of global culinary trends.

Menu Planning: Cucina Testa Rossa will plan your menu for a dinner party, an afternoon tea, or a Sunday brunch. We will create a daily or weekly menu plan for you and your family based on your culinary and dietary needs.

Nutritional Analysis: High cholesteral? Diabetes? If you have specific dietary needs, Cucina Testa Rossa can provide indepth nutritional analysis for thousands of foods, meals and menus to ease your food choices while dining at home or restaurants.

Culinary Parties: Cucina Testa Rossa partners with Every Little Detail to create the most unique, fun, engaging culinary parties for all ages. From a Valentine Baking Birthday Party to a Pasta Pronto Bridal Shower, we will make your party unforgettable.

Event Consulting: Cucina Testa Rossa partners with Every Little Detail to plan the most creative, whimsical and delicious event possible. From an Out of this World Superhero Party to a French Laundry Baby Shower, we guarantee that your event will be the talk of the town.

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